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12 Oct

Woad watercolour paint back in stock


09 Oct

Woad caerulean watercolour paint back in stock


31 Jan

From 01 Feb, our address has changed - see footer





05 Dec

New - woad dyed tea towels & glass cloths

25 Oct

PayPal ‘Buy it - Win it’ promotion closed on 20 December

02 May

Now on Facebook - click on the Like button at top of page! Like us!


29 Nov

Buy a woad dye kit for Christmas

03 Jan

New - Woad watercolour paint for sale


Version History

21 Aug

New - Woad dyeing kits - everything you need to start

12 Jun

Buy pH paper here for the woad vat and woad extraction

23 May

Woad pages re-organised

30 Jan

Soda Ash for sale for woad vat and extraction

19 Jan

Woad Love valentine card added


21 Dec

Spectralite for sale for woad dyeing

08 Nov

New photos of woad-dyed silk scarves

02 Nov

Trouble-shooting guide to dyeing with woad

08 Jul

Fine silk scarves hand-dyed with woad for sale

02 Jul

New - we now sell woad dye to the USA and throughout the World!

20 Jun

New woad greeting card added - Snowstorm

08 May

Bookmark & Share now includes Email a Friend! (top left of page)

08 May

New page for Talks on Natural Dyes and Dye Plants - book a talk!

08 May

Photos linked to Image gallery - click on any photo for larger woad images

20 Jan

“Dyed with Woad” section added - gallery of articles dyed with woad


09 Dec

Add your Social Networking bookmarks - Del.icio.us etc - see top of any page

25 Nov

Woad Greeting Cards added to the products page

04 Nov

9 New pages including Woad History pages and a Woad Biology page

01 Nov

Woad powder and woad seeds now for sale in Europe and Canada

16 Sept

New All About Woad web site launch. Please re-bookmark this site

14 Sept

Fermentation dyeing revised and urine vat added

01 Sept

Section on woad pigment extraction and woad dye production revised

24 Aug

Woad seeds also available for sale

14 Jul

Woad for sale - we stock woad dye for dyeing textiles

21 Jan

new Woad Swicki Search Engine added to the Woad Links page


23 Dec

New section on woad dyeing techniques & new photos

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